Monday, November 12, 2012


Ararat :)

Well, guesses for Monica?  I wrote them in a letter, but I can't remember what I wrote. :p So I guess I'll just say Detroit, Michigan for the states and Copenhagen, Denmark for the world (forgive me, Father, I have no idea how to spell that city right.) (Monica is going on a mission and wanted Jared to guess where she may go.The call is probably coming next week!)

Well, my companion is doing well. Learning and going forward as usual. :) The district is doing well as well. By the district, I mean just Elder Woolley and Abraham (Elder Hambardzumyan), because that's our whole district. Just us in Malatia.

We had a cool service story this morning. So we had a meeting to go to at the office at 11:00 this morning, so we left at 10:00 to get there on time. We waited for about 25 minutes and our bus wasn't showing up, so we started to get impatient. As soon as we saw our bus show up, there was this old man who's taxi broke down. I was torn because I didn't want to be late, but then it hit me. It didn't really matter. This was why I was in Armenia in the first place. So we went and helped this guy push start his car and ran to see if we could get the bus, but it had already passed. Just then though, the Taxi guy turned around and offered us to take us a little distance on the way to his work. So we jumped in and he dropped us off at the bus stop right in front of the bus that had passed us by :)

So, just a little faith. :) The Lord has his eye on us. All of us.

So the mission is going alright. It's been slow lately, but it looks like it's starting to pick back up :)
Georgia is doing great. A little while ago they opened up a brand new branch there in a different city, and it looks like there going to start sending sister missionaries up there soon.

We found two guys this week that are really amazing. They're a father and a son from Syria. Right now they're living as refuges in Armenia because of a civil war going on there. They only speak western Armenian, which is super hard to understand because I've been learning Eastern. For Armenians, it would be like the difference between American and British English, but for us, it's like the difference between English and Spanish. They are way awesome though. They already accept the Book of Mormon as the word of God and they know everything we say is true. It's way fun working with them because they just have a completely different culture than the rest of the Armenians.

Well that's me. Sorry this is short, but we have a ton of stuff to do. It seems like that's always the case with P-day :p Always on the rush.

Love you all!

Elder Hammer
PS: Happy birthday Dad!!!!!! <3 Love yah! Sending something in the mail today. Sorry it won't get there for another few weeks.

Made a fun soup with lentils, potatoes, cilantro, corn, etc. Super good :)
The soup
Cool sunset after rain

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