Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Picture Post

Jared sent 3 batches of pictures to us this week.  Hope you enjoy!

Elder Frye, I, Vartuhi, and Levon. Levon was the previous branch president in Ashtarak. He  just turned 20.
A tradition they do for Easter. They typically only paint their eggs red to symbolize Christ's blood and they keep it in this grass stuff. If you want an egg, you take one and some one else does too and one person hits the top of the egg with his and the one that cracks is given to the person who didn't get his egg cracked :) I had a lot of eggs that weekend :p

The apartment complex in Ashtarak
Us cleaning up the water
 Karo, a member of the church and his son, Narek
Anna, Karo's wife and Narek

The church building in Ashtarak
Book of Mormon in many languages--Armenian is on the right I think!

View from the apartment
The blessings of service

Chapel in Ashtarak

Elder Frye and Levon
Me and Levon
The tiny apartment

The tiny apartment

       Me and Vartuhi, a spunky little member in Ashtarak.  She's crazy :p

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