Monday, November 28, 2011

Elder Hammer & Elder Seegmiller

Hey everybody, this is Monica Painter!
I think its neat to hear what Elders say about each other (because then its probably the truth!) and last night Elder Seegmiller sent me a message about Jared, and Jared sent me a message about Seegmiller! Apparently Jared is a role model and is a lot more humble than we thought! Enjoy!
(And also, Jared sent a photo of him in front of
Khor Virap, as he says. It's attached below!)
Take care Hammers & Friends!

People in the mission tend to know each other's first names, but it's really weird. Sometimes we do have to tell investigators our first names though because our last names are just way too hard for them. :p
Elder Seegmiller and I are pretty close. We've always stuck real near each other in the field and he's just such a great guy (speaking of which, he just walked into our internet place). He's a really cool person too and knows how to mess around.
Elder Hammer

I just got done with a split with Elder Hammer, he is such a stud (as you already know)! It was so good we tore it up! We talked to 57 people in the 3 days we had together which is insane! The standard of excellence for an entire week of talking to people is 60! He is so good at the language and I learned a lot from him on that split! We talked to a lot of good people and hopefully got some good contacts he and Elder Strader can call later. Anyways I gotta bounce, Elder Hammer and I are hopefully going to be playing to basketball today!
Take care,
Elder Seegmiller

A familiar photo of Jared & Ben Seegmiller from last week

OH yeah. Me in front of khor virap :) You can see Turkey from this picture :)

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  1. O my cool!!! They're awesome I am getting fun with these two awesome persons than ever I have done. I miss Seegmiller. He's cool guy ever too. I was getting fun, sharing thoughts and impressions with Seegmiller so free way, by the way I am Seegmiller's s hero. and Hammer is cool too he's telling me about America he's preparing me spiritual for be in America LOL


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