Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dreamsicle or Creamsicle???

Dear Mom and Dad (aka: family),

      Things are great here. You should have received my email already. I tried hooking my camera up, but the computer didn't recognize it. Oh, well, I'm sending some now. (P.S. As I write, the MTC president is walking by, here in the laundry room!). Anyways, Now that I have more time, I'll write a bit more.
Happy Anniversary, by the way!  What is it now, 21 years?

We teach "investigators" every day now. All in Armenian. That's how it's been since day 2. WE had to go to something called TRC where they set up a room like a living room and you teach for an hour. It was crazy!

Our first investigator, after we baptized him, turned out to be one of our teachers. It was really funny. He went from "Rubik" to "Brother Rubik" to Brother Stutz. He just got back from Armenia 6 months ago.

     We work hard here, but one day our district got so sick of studying that we just told jokes for an hour until dinner. :)  WE have new missionaries. A Latvian elder and two Lithuanian sisters. I think the elder is from Texas and the sisters from Utah.

     Saturdays used to be special but noooooooo. Not anymore.

     Also side note, we're having an argument here.  Is it called "Dreamsicle" or a "Creamsicle"? Maybe post that question on Facebook or something.

     I used to like showers too, but here, you have to wait in a huge long line if you wake up any later than 6:10 and then you get to enjoy a few minutes of a nice icy shower. One time, a few elders were taking a LONG time just talking in the shower so I yelled out "Oh my GOSH!  It's like a book club in there!  Come on!"  Everyone laughed and it got the line moving. :)  (Post that online if you want!). 

     One of the paper towel dispensers in our bathroom has the plastic knocked off of it, revealing a wooden roller inside. Naturally, every elder in the 7M classroom building on the 3rd floor has written their name on it. My name has joined the other missionaries along with my roommates, Elder Dicus, Seegmiller, and Maughan. MOM'S EDITORIAL COMMENT INSERTED HERE:  WE DO NOT ENDORSE TAGGING OF ANY SORT, ESPECIALLY FROM OUR 19 YEAR-OLD MISSIONARY SON!  :)

One of our sisters owns a camel, a zonkey (zebra & donkey), and a whole lot of other strange animals. Funny.

Anyways, I love you all. Keep sending mail!!!  I love it!

[Jared then writes "I love you guys" in Armenian, phonetically, and literally].   

Elder Hammer

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